You may consider an athletic mouthguard a “nice to have” when you play sports. Given the serious potential consequences of not wearing one, though, it’s in the “need to have” category. For a visual illustration of why you need a mouthguard, you can check out this short video with actor Joe Manganiello.

During an interview with Kelly Clarkson, he shows a shocking gap in his smile that came from a childhood sports injury. Luckily, your dentist can fit you for a custom-made mouthguard. It’s easier and less expensive to protect your teeth than to repair damage from an injury. 

Custom sports mouthguards are made using dental impressions. So they fit much better than guards purchased from a store. This means they stay in place and are less likely to get knocked out. They’re also a lot more comfortable, so the athletes in your family won’t mind wearing them. 

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