Sleep Apnea Call Today To Improve Your Health
  • Sleep soundly all night & awaken refreshed
  • Stay focused & alert during the day
  • Your household will sleep better when you snore less

Wake Up Rested by Treating Sleep Apnea in Independence

Your whole body benefits from a good night’s sleep. However, if you struggle with sleep apnea in Independence, you aren’t getting the quality rest you need. It can leave you feeling tired during the day. You may also struggle with dry mouth, mood swings, and frequent headaches. Fortunately, we can help. With our treatment, you will:

  • Feel alert and energized during the day
  • Reduce your risk for health issues related to apnea
  • Focus better at work or school
  • Sleep through the night without interruption
  • Stop snoring so those around you sleep better

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Replace Your CPAP With a Simple Oral Appliance

Many people turn to a CPAP machine to treat their sleep disorder. While this option is suitable for some, it’s not the only solution. At Independence Family Dentistry, we offer an easy oral appliance that keeps your airways open at night. It’s ideal if you struggle with obstructive sleep apnea, the most common form of the disorder. By wearing this simple device at night, you can ditch your cumbersome CPAP machine. You’ll also appreciate other benefits:

  • Comfortable to Wear – Your oral appliance will fit you perfectly since it’s custom made for you. You’ll barely recognize it’s there while you sleep. There’s also no noise to bother you or others.
  • Easy Upkeep – There’s no involved cleaning required like with a CPAP. All you do is brush your mouthguard with a toothbrush and gentle soap.
  • Stress-Free for Traveling – You won’t struggle to find room for your sleep apnea device in your luggage. Put it next to your other oral hygiene supplies. You can easily use it on a plane, in a tent, or anywhere else you go.
  • Effective Relief – This device works by shifting your jaw forward to prevent your throat from closing at night. It’s ideal for mild to moderate apnea issues.

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Common Questions About Sleep Apnea

What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that affects tens of millions of Americans. People who have sleep apnea can stop breathing hundreds of times each night. This condition can increase your risk of everything from high blood pressure to heart attacks and being in car accidents. The most common form of this disorder is obstructive sleep apnea, which your dentist here at Independence Family Dentistry can help you treat.

Why is sleep apnea bad?

Sleep apnea not only disrupts your sleep, but it has also been linked to several major health conditions. These include high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and depression. Getting treatment early on can help you avoid these health issues, enjoy a better quality of life, and even potentially help you live longer.

How is sleep apnea treated?

If you receive a sleep apnea diagnosis, our practice will take impressions and have a custom-fit sleep apnea appliance made for you to wear while sleeping. It will gently move your lower jaw forward to help keep your airway open. It can also reduce or stop snoring. You’ll sleep better, feel better, and improve your overall health

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