TMJ Treatment Wake Up Without Jaw Pain
  • Protect your tooth enamel against damage
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  • Get relief by treating your aching jaw

Safeguard Your Smile With TMJ Treatment in Independence

You rely on your temporomandibular joints (TMJ) more than you might realize. Every time you talk, laugh, eat, or yawn, you are using them. When they become inflamed or otherwise dysfunctional, it can lead to a disorder. That’s when you need TMJ treatment in Independence. It will:

  • Allow you to enjoy a meal without a popping or clicking jaw
  • Give you relief from jaw pain and headaches
  • Prevent further wear-and-tear on your teeth
  • Improve your oral health and bite function

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Say Goodbye to Your TMJ Problems

There are a variety of reasons for your TMJ disorder. It can result from injury to your jaw, arthritis, or teeth grinding. Whatever the cause, we offer a wide range of treatment options. Our recommendation depends on what is ideal for you. That’s why we start with a full exam of your mouth and take digital X-rays. After, your dentist will discuss your treatment options. They may include:

  • Custom-Made Bite Guard – A mouthguard absorbs the stress from your clenching or grinding to keep pressure off your jaw. It reduces inflammation and helps your jaw heal.
  • Botox Injections – We inject Botox into strategic places to relieve your pain and reduce tension. It may require several treatments for the most effective relief.
  • Restorative TreatmentsIf you have dental damage because of teeth grinding, we can repair your smile with restorative care.
  • Clear Aligner Orthodontics – Correcting teeth alignment is often an ideal solution for a TMJ disorder. We offer Invisalign, a discreet alternative to braces.

Spot the Symptoms of a TMJ Disorder

There are a few signs of a TMJ disorder. You may notice:

  • Pain or tenderness in your jaw
  • Clicking or popping sounds when you chew or open your mouth wide
  • Aching in your neck, ear, or head
  • Difficulty opening or closing your mouth due to lockjaw

Call 859-374-7114 for TMJ treatment in Independence if any of these symptoms sound familiar. You can also request an appointment online.

Common Questions About TMJ Treatment / Teeth Grinding

Does TMJ treatment work?

Yes, our TMJ treatment has been able to help many patients over the years relieve their pain for good. No matter which type of treatment you end up going with, the team here at Independence Family Dentistry will make sure it’s the right one for you. Besides you, no one wants your treatment to be successful more than we do.

How long does TMJ treatment take?

We understand you want to end the pain caused by a TMJ disorder as soon as you can. The truth is, treatment can take weeks or months depending on the severity of your situation and what needs to be done. For most patients, an oral appliance is the perfect solution in and of itself. For others, Botox® treatment will relieve pain but will need to be repeated every few months.

Will insurance pay for my TMJ treatment?

This varies depending on your insurance policy. TMJ disorders are a health issue that should be treated, and our team will do our part to make sure you get the full benefits covered by your dental plan. You also should know that we offer flexible payment options, including third-party financing, so you can manage the cost of your care.

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